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    Intellego Technologies

    Intellego Technologies is a rapid growingly research and development company where its main goal is to develop its patented dosimeter technology which can indicate when a certain radiation or substances is present. Intellegos technology is a patented photochromic ink which changes colour when it is exposed to a certain amount of radiation or substances. The application areas are widespread and Intellego is today working with products in consumer, hospital and construction industry. In addition, Intellego do also have several development projects in its pipeline. Intellegos products are sold in 15 countries world wide.

Intellego Technologies | Developing dosimeter technology

Smartsun UV indicator

Smartsun UV indicator – let you know when you need to reapply sun screen or avoid the sun the rest of the day.

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Smartsun - M Daylight indicator

Smartsun – M Daylight indicator – Indicates how much daylight radiation you have been exposed to.

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