UV indicator

UV indicator – lets you know when you need to reapply sun screen or avoid the sun the rest of the day. The UV indicator can be used by itself or in connection with your smartphone.

Enjoying a day on the beach or in the sun is healthy for everyone. Moderate amounts of sun exposure can be healthy because the sun helps your body and skin produce certain vitamins. However, it can be hard to know when you have received sufficient sun or when you should apply additional SPF. Smartsun is a sun exposure monitor that helps you to enjoy the sun in an easy way and eliminates the problem of determining when you need to apply additional sunscreen or avoid the sun altogether due to the risk of sunburn.
The Smartsun UV indicator is sold in 12 different countries today and expanding every year.

Facts about the UV indicator

  • Can be used with or without sun screen, which can be applied to your body and to the UV indicator
  • Detects UVA and UVB radiation
  • Connects with your smartphone to providepersonalized advice on your level of sun exposure and tracks your UV exposure over several months
  • Can be combined with sun screen
  • Water proof
  • Can be private labelled
  • Tested for functionality at Swedish Technical Research Institute
  • Tested and verified in accordance with European General Safety Directive EC 95/2001

See Smartsun.se for more information about UV radiation and Smartsun UV indicator